SeaCare® Mobile Box Installation Guide

What is the SeaCare® Mobile “Box”?

The SeaCare® Mobile “Box” is a small computer that contains the SeaCare® app. The “Box” connects to the vessel’s network, which allows any user that is connected to the same network to access the SeaCare® Mobile app from their personal devices.

Steps for Installing the SeaCare® Mobile “Box”:

Installing the “Box” is a very simple three-step process. 

  1. Connect the network & power cable
    Plug the network & power cable into the SeaCare® Box.
  2. Power on the SeaCare® Box
    Turn on the SeaCare® Box & wait a minute for the box to connect to your network onboard.
  3. Connect your device to the network
    Connect your phone or other mobile device to the same network as the SeaCare® Box.
  4. Open a browser on your device
    In a browser & type in: seacare.local Then follow the instructions that appear.

Note: Make sure that both the “Box” and your personal mobile device are connected to the same network (or “WiFi”) of your vessel. 


Logging in to SeaCare® Mobile

Your account has been created by your System Administrator. You will be required to enter your unique username and password to access the SeaCare® app. 

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