Why use the support portal instead of email?

We realize that you already have many websites and logins to manage, and we're asking you to add one more. Why bother?

Top 5 Reasons To Manage Your Support Experience Using the Tritan Support Portal

1. Track your Support Requests and View Historical Activity 

Every support request you've ever submitted is accessible through the portal. There's no guesswork as to which tickets are awaiting your input and which are in pending action by Tritan Software, even if you miss an email or two. Everything is also searchable, and you can filter tickets by status.

2. Instant Answers Await

We're on a mission to continuously improve our support experience, and part of this continuous improvement includes expanding documentation in the Tritan Support Portal. We're adding new articles every week, and your question might already be answered here. If you start here, you might find an answer to your question.

3. Administrators: See Requests Across Your Organization

If you're the SeaCare® or SeaEvent® administrator for your organization, you can see all requests submitted by your organization. If this is enabled for your user account, in the "My Activities" section, you will see a section for "Organization Requests".

Tritan Software reserves the right to determine the appropriate persons for this access from each organization. If you would like to request this access, please contact your appointed Client Success Manager.

4. Protect Sensitive Data

By regularly using the portal, and uploading all sensitive content as attachments while logged into the portal, you're doing your part to ensure that all protected information is dealt with in a compliant and secure manner. 

We're passionate about keeping your data secure. Read more about how to protect your sensitive data while using the Tritan Support Portal

5. You're already using this portal to get attachments

If we need to send a photo, screeenshot, video, or any sensitive information to you, we will do so by attaching via hyperlink for security & data compliance reasons. In order to open this hyperlink, you must login to this portal. Since you're already going to be here, you might as well go ahead and bookmark support.tritansoft.com and come here anyways for all of your Tritan Software Support needs. 

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