Mirth Connect Troubleshooting Checks

To check configurations on Mirth Connect, you first need to open the Mirth Administrator and it will open up to the below dashboard page.

Mirth Dashboard


On the Mirth Dashboard you need to verify that the device channel has been deployed and is listed on the dashboard. The dashboard will also list any Receive, Sent or Error messages that were processed.

If you double click the Channel Name, this will open up the Channel Messages with the messages that have been picked up and sent to SeaCare.

Mirth Dashboard - Channel Messages


In the list of messages you can locate any messages that have a status of Error. Clicking on that message will list the details on the bottom section of the Mirth window. There are several tabs on the bottom portion that can help identify any errors or issues while processing the message.

If any errors are located, you should send screenshots of these messages to Support to help identify any problems.


Checking QBC Network Channel Configurations

To check any errors in the channel configuration, you first click on Channels on the left side bar on Mirth Connect.

The Channels section will list all the installed channels that are present in Mirth. Double clicking the channel name will open up the Channel Editor.

Mirth Channel Editor - Source Tab


In the Source tab, the main configuration option is the File Reader Directory. This should be pointing to the Directory that FileZilla is saving the file to. In most configurations the file path is "C:\eSeaCare_FTP". This can be different if it was configured with something different during the installation. You can click the "Test Read" button to confirm that Mirth is able to Read the folder correctly.

Mirth Channel Editor - Destination Tab


To check if Mirth is able to communicate with SeaCare, you will click on the Send to Web Service destination on the top list. Then on the bottom portion locate the Test Connection button and click it. You should get a "Successfully Connected to host" message.



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