Configuring Static IP on QBC Star

To configure a Static IP on the QBC Star you will need to uncompress the “” archive on to a blank USB flash drive.

* The above archive download is pre-configured to use "" as the static IP of the QBC.

If you need to change the pre-configured IP address, then proceed to do the following

Edit the /.qbcruntime/dhcpcd.conf file.  If doing this under a windows computer, please use a *nix compatible editor like EditPad Lite to make sure windows doesn’t add carriage returns or other command characters (e.g. ^M). These extra characters will keep the script from running properly.

From within the editor you need to update the “static ip_address=” on line 6. You can configure any unique IP address that is required there.

Once you have the USB flash drive updated and ready to install on the QBC Star, insert the USB flash drive into an available USB A port on back of the device. Then power on the device and wait until it reaches the “System Check” screen. Then, you can power down the device and remove the USB flash drive.

You have now configured a Static IP on the QBC Star and can be verified with the following article.

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