Troubleshoot Transmitting Results From QBC to PC

If the SeaCare system is not properly receiving the test results into the system, then you will need to verify some of the configurations on the QBC device and FileZilla Server.

First, confirm that the QBC Star is uploading the results into the FTP server on the Lab Workstation. You do this by logging into the FileZilla server instance. 

You can find FileZilla Server Interface by searching in the Start Menu for "Filezilla"


Once opened you will see a Connection screen like the one below. Click "Connect" to log into the server's interface.


Once logged in, you will see the FTP interface window which will display the logs interactively. Initially you will see a blank window like the one below


Next you will need to log into the QBC device to test the uploading of the results file.

You will need the following program "Putty" to SSH into the QBC device, which can be download here


On the Putty configuration screen, you will enter the QBC's IP in the "Hostname (or IP address)" section and click "Connect". ( To get the current IP of the QBC device, please ready the following article "Locating assigned IP on QBC Star". )



If it's the first time you've ever logged into the QBC before, you will see a host key confirmation window.


Accept the popup by click on "Yes" and log into the system with the following credentials:

User: root
Password: qbc1qbc


Once logged into the QBC, you can run the following command to upload the last stored results to the Filezilla Server:


After running the command, watch for any errors displayed in the Putty window and check the FileZilla Interface for any connection attempts. The logs should show a file named "sampledata.xml" being uploaded. (please note the screenshot below is a sample log output and doesn't show the sampledata.xml being uploaded. )


If you receive the following error after trying to run the command "No such file or directory", then please proceed to re-upload the SeaCare Upload Script using the following article "Installing SeaCare Upload Script".

If you see the results of the connection attempt on FileZilla, then this check passes and continue to confirm that the QBC Star is configured to use the upload script.


Confirming QBC Star is configured to use "" script.

The QBC has a configuration XML file that has an rtScriptRun entry that must be enabled for it to use the upload the script.

You can run the following command to confirm the existence of this entry:

cat /root/config/configout.xml


Confirm that the line in yellow exists and it's exactly like the one above.

If this line is missing, then you will need to edit the file and insert the entry manually.

You can use the "VI" editor to edit the file. 

vi /root/config/configout.xml

Proceed to the bottom of the file and insert the following line right above the last line that reads </data>.

To insert a line on a VI editor, you will type “i” for insert and proceed to edit the file and insert the line below.

<fsm.sample.rtScriptRun value=”true”/>

Save the file by hitting ESC and typing “:wq” then enter (please note that there is a COLON in front of "wq").

Once the file is saved, you can log out of the QBC and proceed to reboot the device and run a test to confirm that it's uploading the results to the workstation correctly.

If results are being uploaded to the workstation correctly and SeaCare is still not receiving the results. Then proceed to read the article Troubleshooting Mirth Channel Issues.



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