Piccolo Integration Checks

Piccolo device settings

The Piccolo device needs to be configured for the XML protocol.

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Abaxis Data Manager Settings

Abaxis needs to be configured to output the results to an XML and set the Save location to the folder where Mirth will read the results from.

The Piccolo device also needs to be listed in the Analyzers section. If the device isn't present and clicking the refresh button doesn't locate the device. Then you will need to check the cable connection and device drivers for the Piccolo device in Windows.



Mirth Connect Administrator

Launch Mirth Connect Administrator

  • Navigate to  http://localhost:8080
  • Click on “Launch Mirth Connect Administrator”
    • If it doesn't automatically launch, then locate the saved file in Downloads folder and double click it.
  • Log into Mirth Connect ( default username/password is “admin” )
    • If "admin" doesn't work, then the default password has been changed and you'll need to remove and reinstall Mirth.

Import Mirth Channel

  • Click on Channels from the side bar in Mirth Connect Administrator
  • Click on Import Channel from the Channel Tasks section on the side bar of Mirth
    Connect Administrator
  • Find & Select the saved Piccolo Mirth Channel ( Downloaded channel from SeaCare )
  • Channels are created with the oldest supported version of Mirth. So accept any pop-up stating that the channel needs to be converted to the current version.
  • Deploy channel by right clicking Piccolo channel name and click Deploy Channel
  • You can verify channel status by clicking on Dashboard on the side bar of Mirth
    Connect Administrator

Mirth Dashboard

  • Piccolo channel should be displayed on the dashboard. If it's not listed, then Click on Channels from the left side bar and right click the Piccolo channel and select Deploy channel.
  • To review channel messages for errors, double click the channel name on the dashboard.


Mirth Channel Messages

  • To review for errors find a message with a Status of ERROR and click on it. 



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